So Many Causes of Death

Death Records – Concordia, Frohna 1890

As usual, I began today by looking for events which took place in Perry County on this day.  I happened upon the birth of Alma Marie Ella Schuessler on March 14, 1890.  She was baptized one week later on March 21. That was the end of the good news.

As is shown in the photo above, Linna Schuessler, the baby’s mother died on May 29, just two months after the birth of Ella.  Linna’s cause of death is listed in the Concordia records as winter flu.  The Missouri death records list it as pleuro pneumonia.  Death knocked on the door of the Schuessler family again on November 7 of that same year when little Ella died.  The Concordia records indicate two causes: measles and a brain infection.  This death record is the last one listed in 1890 at Concordia (shown in the same photo above).  One must also wonder if the lack of mother’s milk may have been a contributing cause.  Both Linna and Ella are buried in the Concordia cemetery.

The story continues as Johannes Ernst Stephanus Schuessler, the widower, remarried in 1892 to Maria Amalia Seibel on May 1.  Maria must have been a member of Trinity, Altenburg, because that is where the marriage took place.  Tragedy once again entered the scene.  On November 4, 1892 Maria’s new husband died at the age of 31, leaving her a widow.  As near as I can tell, his cause of death may have had something to do with diarrhea.  He is buried in the Trinity cemetery.

On the bright side of this story, we are still blessed with plenty of Schuesslers both in East Perry County and beyond.  Despite death, life went on.

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