The Last of the Hemmann Herd….Teacher Hemmann

Church Council of Trinity, Altenburg – 1914

On March 10, I posted about the beginning of the Hemmann Herd.  Today I switch to the last child born to Gottfried Hemmann.  On March 16, 1864, Michael Benjamin Hemmann was born in Uniontown, Missouri.  About three months after his birth, Gottfried died at the age of 72.  One must sit back in amazement at someone who is still capable of becoming a father at the age of 72.  That borders on being “of Biblical proportions”.

Benjamin Hemmann is still referred to as Teacher Hemmann in East Perry County lore.  In the photo above, Benjamin is pictured in the middle row on the right wearing glasses.    Teacher Hemmann taught in Wittenberg, MO from 1892-1902.  From 1903-1924 he taught at Trinity Lutheran School in Altenburg.  He died in 1934 and is buried in Trinity’s cemetery.  He and his wife, Emma (Sachman) were blessed with eight children.  Only one of his children died when young.  I know there are plenty of his descendants scattered all over the country.  I know that if any of these descendants have a desire to do research on their family roots, the Lutheran Heritage Center & Museum may have the best set of resources possible to get that job done.

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