Together in Birth and Death

Lorenz twins
Marie and Martha Lorenz

Yesterday, I posted a photo of Teacher Hemmann’s class at Trinity Lutheran School in Altenburg, Missouri.  In that photo was a pair of twins.  Those twins have now been identified.  They are Marie and Martha Lorenz (like Mary and Martha in the Bible story).  Their parents were Christian F. and Ida (Schlimpert) Lorenz. The twins were born in 1901.

Now we skip to 1940.  Many members of the Lorenz family had moved to St. Louis.  The 1940 census tells an interesting story.

Lorenz 1940 census

Five siblings, all single, lived in the same house on Arlington Avenue.  Martha is listed as the head of the household, even though she had an older brother and sister living with her.  Another brother in the family, Joseph Lorenz, also unmarried, had died in 1933 at the age of 40.  The parents of these children also died in the 1930’s, so they are not listed in the 1940 census.  The parents and six of their children are all buried in the New Bethlehem Memorial Park Cemetery in St. Louis.

Another item to be found on this census form which is not shown above is the occupation.  I find it interesting that Marie and Martha both are listed as “heel coverers” at a “heel factory”.  There were several large shoe companies in St. Louis during this time.  It appears that the twins both worked at the same job at the same factory.  Their younger brother, Arnold, was a machine operator at the heel factory also.

Martha outlived her twin sister by 25 years, but they are buried with the same tombstone.

Martha Marie Lorenz grave

Together at birth. Together at work.  Together at death.  It’s likely we will see them together in heaven.

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