The Wittenberg Cousins Are Coming



Very soon, a group of folks will be visiting Altenburg who call themselves the Wittenberg Cousins.  Several years ago, this group officially declared me to be one of the Wittenberg Cousins.  The photo above gives visual proof of my qualifications.  My father, Richard Schmidt, is shown in the front row, second person from the left.  Arnold Schmidt was my uncle, and Hildegard Voss was my aunt.  The Wittenberg Cousins that come to town regularly are tied to the Kieninger family, and there are several of that family pictured above.

There are 54 students shown in the photo, along with the pastor and only one teacher, George Stohs.  I may be wrong, but I am thinking the building in the photo is the old church which used to be used as both a church and school until 1920 when St.Paul Lutheran built a new church in Wittenberg.  My father would sometimes tell stories about Teacher Stohs.  Most of the stories had something to do with how Teacher Stohs handled his classroom discipline.

We look forward to the coming visit of the Cousins.  Maybe this photo will inspire them to share some stories they have heard about this school which their ancestors may have passed onto them.

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