Uniontown Names

Today, we will try something new.  Around here we sometimes refer to some names as being “Frohna names”, some as “Farrar names”, etc.  We ran across the confirmation which took place at Grace Lutheran Church in Uniontown, Missouri on May 6, 1883.  Many of these names are ones that we call “Uniontown names”.

Arthur Höh

Herman Heinrich Amschler

Friedrich Eduard Hofmann

Theodor Joseph Tanz

Joseph Benjamin Schaefer

Joseph Herman Schaefer

Lydia Juliane Hopfer

Caroline Regina Lorenz

Pauline Auguste Bingenheimer

Josephine Tennessee Telle

Martha Marie Frentzel

Caroline Auguste Brandes

Anna Wilhelmine Caroline Henriette Könemann

Martha Lydia Meister

Martha Amelie Meyer

Martha Marie Telle

We were fascinated by the name Josephine Tennessee Telle and found a photo of her.  She married the brother of one of her confirmation classmates, Heinrich Carl Schaefer.  He was the older brother of Joseph Benjamin.

Josephine Tennessee Telle
Josephine Tennessee Telle

If we had the time,  we are sure that we could come up with a story behind most of these names.  Maybe you can tell us a story too.

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