A Family Moves to the Prairie

Bergt-Hemmann Missouri marriage record
Bergt-Hemmann Missouri marriage record

Today’s story begins with Carolina Christiana Bergt being born on May 25 in 1857.  She was born in the little village of Archbold in northern Ohio.  Her father, William Adolph Bergt was the Lutheran pastor there.  Later, her father would become the pastor in Uniontown, Missouri.  Her father had come to Missouri in the 1839 immigration as a 27 year old weaver, but after arriving here, he became a pastor.

As is indicated in the above marriage record, in 1878 Christiana Bergt married a farmer from Uniontown by the name of Ernst Hemmann, with Christiana’s father performing the ceremony.  Ernst was a grandson of J.G. Hemmann, who was written about in a previous post called The Beginning of the Hemmann Herd.  Sometime between 1893 and 1895, Ernst and Christiana moved their family to western Nebraska, in a little town of Amherst, not far from Kearney.  Ernst was a farmer there.  The couple had eight children altogether, some born in Missouri and some born in Nebraska.  For some reason, a couple of their children later lived in Hutchinson, Minnesota.  So this family spread itself out over the upper plains of America.

Both Ernst and Christiana and several of their children are buried in the Immanuel Lutheran Cemetery in Amherst.

Interestingly, Christiana’s father later became a pastor in eastern Nebraska, in the town of Tecumseh.  Both of Christiana’s parents are buried there.


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