Chicken Coop Joy

This blog is the next in the series highlighting the people who make our site possible.  Eleven years ago, at our initial planning retreat, I was conducting an exercise on “brainstorming” museum development.  I said, “If Carolyn Schmidt says that our site will be a better place if we have chicken coops in the parking lot, then we are going to take a look at that idea.”  As a joke, there was a wooden chicken coop with live chickens in the parking lot during our dedication 6 months later.  A picture of that chicken coop is displayed in my office to remind me to listen to our team, and to figure out how to include many different ideas as we interpret our mission.  Everything in museum development success is about relationships and building team.

The women pictured here represent 3/4 of the executive board leadership team of the Perry County Lutheran Historical Society:  beside me  (l to r) Carolyn Schmidt, Sec.; Carol Wunderlich, Treasurer; and Diane Weber, Vice-Pres.  I could write pages on the contributions these three women have provided in their volunteer time over the past 11 years at our site.  All three  women are reflected in the innovative, organized, and beautiful site they have helped create.  Carolyn was born to organize and lead, Carol can see the “big and clear picture” in the midst of the fog, and Diane can design and create an effective system or machine on demand.   They are all three brilliant, hard working, beautiful, and positively powerful women.  Their Christian faith and support of our mission inspires me to be a better leader. They have mentored me for years, and I’m honored to call them my friends.image

It is a joy to pause and reflect on the people who provide authenticity to our historic site through their dedication, their stability, and their perseverance.  As I celebrate and reflect on my eleventh year as director here, I thank God for allowing me to walk the path with these women.  My hope is that their wisdom, compassion, and leadership will continue to light my way.  I will always include their “chicken coops” in my strategic planning with pleasure.  Thank you, and take care,  Carla L. Jordan.


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