Trinity’s Tischler

Trinity Lutheran Church in Altenburg will be celebrating the 150th anniversary of its current church sanctuary in 2017.  If you have seen the exterior of this church, you immediately realize that there was plenty of masonry work done when it was built.  On the inside, there was plenty of carpentry to be done.  Whenever the … More Trinity’s Tischler

Dr. Ingerose Paust

Today we learned of the death of Dr. Ingerose Paust: historian, author, scholar, and our friend.  In late 2015, we celebrated the publication of her historic novel, Exodus of the 800.  It was Concordia Univ. Austin’s wonderful translation into English of her earlier German novel.  In 2014, Dr. Paust traveled to America from her home in … More Dr. Ingerose Paust

An Unexpected Luigi

I did not expect to find a man by the name of Marconi among the names which are tied to Perry County.  When Louis Marconi arrived in America in 1923 from Trieste, Italy, the passenger list for the Martha Washington gave his name as Luigi.  He arrived in New York, but made his way to … More An Unexpected Luigi

Meyer-Meier Marriage

Meyer, Meier, and Meyr are three different family names common in East Perry County’s history.  Today we discuss the marriage between two of these familiies….a marriage of a Meyer and a Meier. Joachim Meyer was the groom.  His birthday occurred on this day, July 17 in 1863.  At that time, America was in the midst … More Meyer-Meier Marriage

Mama Loeber

On July 16, 1852, Sophie Henriette Wilhelmine (Zahn) Loeber died in St. Louis, Missouri.  I have discovered that there are several similarities between this Mama Loeber and the Mama Buenger who is the main character in my book. Wilhelmine was the wife of Rev. Gotthold Loeber, who was the first pastor of Trinity Lutheran Church … More Mama Loeber

Frogtown Furniture

Many of the old-timers from around these here parts talk about a swing factory that was once located in Wittenberg.  They also describe the area in Wittenberg where the factory was located as Frogtown.  Here is a photo of that swing factory. If you look closely at the photo, you can see this factory’s special … More Frogtown Furniture