Tennessee Telle and Her Tale

When I was much younger, there was a cartoon titled Tennessee Tuxedo and His Tales.  Today we have the tale of Tennessee Telle.  Josephine Tennessee Telle was born in Uniontown, Missouri on July 11, 1869.  The Telle family had arrived in America in 1849 and settled in Perry County.

Ten days before her 29th birthday, Josephine married Heinrich Carl Schaeffer, also from Uniontown.  They were married by Rev. O.R. Heuschen, the pastor at Grace Lutheran Church.

Josephine Tennessee Telle was mentioned in a previous blog post:  Uniontown Names

This couple had six children who lived to adulthood.  The 1910 census lists Henry as being a manufacturer at a distillery while living in Apple Creek.  The Schaeffers are both buried in the Grace, Uniontown Cemetery.

Here is where we must discuss a family research issue.  There are conflicting documents with regard to the date of the Telle/Schaeffer wedding.  First, we see the Missouri Marriage Record.

Telle Schaeffer marriage license
Missouri Marriage License

It indicates that the marriage occurred on July 1, 1898 and signed by Rev. Heuschen.

However, we now look at the record which can be found in the Grace Lutheran church books.

Telle Schaeffer marriage record
Grace Lutheran marriage record

This indicates the wedding took place on July 3rd.  One would think that Rev. Heuschen would have also been involved in recording this event in the church books.  Which document is accurate?  I do not have the answer to that question.

I am writing this blog post today for several reasons.  First, I figured I would write this post on the day between the two disputed dates in the records.  Second, I was traveling almost all day yesterday and could not write, and I may have difficulty blogging tomorrow.  I am spending time with my family in Tennessee.

Wait!  Tennessee???? Really???


4 thoughts on “Tennessee Telle and Her Tale

  1. Sometimes a clue can be the day of the week. July 1, 1898 was a Friday; July 3 a Sunday. In those days, which is the more likely day for a wedding? Today istis mostly Saturday. Growing up in Farrar in the 40s I think Sunday weddings were still common. Or, the Pastor could have married them on Friday if they were in a hurry as my father sometimes did as Probate Judge.


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