Today, July 9, would be the 173rd anniversary of Hartmann and Justine (Göthe) Grebing.

Hartmann and Justine Grebing.JPG
Hartmann and Justine Grebing

According to Grebing family history accounts, Hartmann came to America in 1837, arriving in New York.  People in the Grebing family talk about him coming aboard the Grand Turk, but I was unable to find his name on a passenger list for that ship when it arrived.  After a short trip to Pennsylvania, he returned to New York and worked as a shoemaker.  For a short time, he also worked at a steel mill.  In April of 1839, Hartmann left as part of what we call the New York Group that desired to join the Stephanite immigration in Perry County.  That group of over one hundred people arrived here at the end of May.  Hartmann settled in Altenburg and became a farmer.  This map shows the location of the first Grebing land located very near the church and the present-day fairgrounds.

Map including Grebing property
1915 Atlas – Altenburg

Justine Göthe traveled to the United States aboard the Johann Georg with the Gruber group at the end of 1839.

Goethe passenger list Gruber group
Johann Georg
passenger list

She came with her family as an eighteen year-old.  Her father was a cartwright.  The family settled just outside Altenburg.

The marriage of Hartmann and Justine is recorded in the Trinity, Altenburg church records.  This was during the time period when the church was conducting services in the upper floor of the Loeber parsonage.  Pastor Loeber did perform the ceremony, but it is not that likely that the wedding took place in his home.  The couple had eight children that lived to adulthood.

Hartmann died on July 8, 1888, two days after his birthday and one day before his anniversary.  Justine lived into her nineties and died in 1913.

There are plenty of Grebings and others who are descended from this couple still living in East Perry County.

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