The Lonely Porch

Heinrich Jacob Schlimpert would have been celebrating his 158th birthday today.  He was born on July 10, 1858 in Seelitz, Missouri.  His parents were August Julius and Bertha (Boehme) Schlimpert.

Jacob Schlimpert baptism record
Jacob Schlimpert – baptism record – Trinity, Altenburg

When Jacob was five years old, he went through a very traumatic experience.  Two events took place that impacted his life.  I cannot tell for sure which of these events took place.  First, in April of 1863, Jacob’s mother, Bertha, died.  Jacob had three other siblings, one being a two year old sister.  Secondly, Julius was drafted into the Civil War.  Below is a Civil War document which lists those from Perry County who were registered for the draft in 1863.

Julius Schlimpert Civil War Draft
Civil War Draft Registration – 1863

The stories passed along in the Schlimpert family indicate that Julius did go off to serve in the Union Army during the Civil War.  His service must have occurred toward the end of the war, so he probably was not gone long from Perry County.  However, family members have remembered the story of how little Jacob was cared for by neighbors, and each day, Jacob would sit on the the porch, crying for his father to come home.

Occasionally, we at the museum run across a case where a person from Perry County finds their spouse across the river in Illinois.  Jacob is one of those cases.  In April of 1891, Jacob married Caroline Boeger, a girl from Chester, Illinois.  No one that I have talked to seems to know how these two came to know one another.

Jacob and Caroline Schlimpert wedding
Jacob and Caroline (Boeger) Schlimpert

The Lutheran school here in Perry County has a student that is named after his great great grandpa.

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