Trinity’s Tischler

Trinity Lutheran Church in Altenburg will be celebrating the 150th anniversary of its current church sanctuary in 2017.  If you have seen the exterior of this church, you immediately realize that there was plenty of masonry work done when it was built.  On the inside, there was plenty of carpentry to be done.  Whenever the topic comes up around here, the name of Carl Groh gets mentioned as being the one who constructed the altar, pulpit, and baptismal font.

Trinity Altar, Pulpit, and Font.JPG
Trinity Altar, Pulpit, and Baptismal Font


Carl Groh was born either on this date or around this date in 1828.  The date July 20 comes from the age which is listed in the Trinity church books which state that Carl died when he was 85 years, 3 months, and 22 days old.  Other family trees on give other birthdays for him.

Carl Groh
Christian Carl Gottfried Groh

Carl, along with his wife, Sophie (Bodenschatz), traveled to America aboard the Auguste in 1855 with two young children.  They eventually settled in the Altenburg area.  When the time came for the construction of a new church in Altenburg which was completed in 1867, Carl’s skills were put to use.  There is some indication that Carl was also involved in the construction of churches in Friedenberg and Farrar.

Carl Groh passenger list
Passenger List – Auguste 1855

The German word for carpenter is Tischler.  Over the years, different documents such as census records list Carl as a joiner, a carpenter, a finish carpenter, and a painter.  One of his sons is shown to be a wagon maker.

The museum has had several visitors over the years that have descended from Carl Groh.  They all take great pride in the work done by their ancestor.


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