More Loebers in the House

Klaus loeberPictured are cousins, Madison and Luke Klaus, both descendants of our original Pastor G.H. Loeber in Altenburg.  They are standing beside the wedding dress of their multi-great grandmother, Wilhelmine Sophie Zahn Loeber.  They shared their direct family history with our research library.  It was wonderful to spend time with young adults interested in their family history.

We continue to collect stories of the descendants of this magnificent early Missouri story.  I hope you have sent in your registration to the Immigration History Conference Oct. 27-29.  We have made wonderful plans for a great Reformation weekend.  It is not too late to register.  Call 573-824-6070 or visit the “Conference” tab on this website.  The preliminary conference syllabus is posted.  Take Care, Carla Jordan

One thought on “More Loebers in the House

  1. A blank area in the history of LC MS:
    An unknown correspondence between Rev Loeber
    and the Duke of Saxe-Altenburg Joseph
    In late July – early August 1838 is a correspondence between minister Loeber and Duke Joseph.
    End July 1838 asks minister Loeber the Duke to dismissal. The Duke rejects dismissal.
    The reasons of the Duke are: He could not dismiss his best minister,
    when the church is in danger. He must stay and do his sacred duty.
    The Duke makes Loeber and the Stephanists
    a sensational offer. He proposes to them to found a Christian colony in his duchy.
    The colony is completely independent of the state church.
    The members of the colony have full religious freedom.
    The colony is under the personal protection of the Duke.
    With their abundant money they could buy suitable land.
    One must know, the Duke was a very religious man, who had understanding of the hardships of devout Lutherans.
    Loeber rejects the offer, the Duke is very
    disappointed. Loeber leaves against the will of the Duke
    Germany and traveling with forged documents
    in the USA.
    Two years later, the end of 1840, there is a second correspondence between Loeber and the Duke Joseph.
    Loeber apologizes for his behavior and tells the Duke that it was his greatest wish return to his home.
    The Duke wrote to him, that he should not again leave the church.

    About the correspondence from 1838 end of the 19th century has already been informed in a German magazine.
    So far, these two exchanges of letters have not been considered in the history of LCMS.
    The correspondence Loeber – Duke Joseph can be found in the state archives Altenburg (Thuringia, Germany).

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