You Can Take It to the Bank

bank of Altenburg
Bank of Altenburg

In 1910, there must have been great excitement in the town of Altenburg when a new bank was opened.  Prior to this time, local people had to travel to Wittenberg to do their banking.  The building shown above was used as a bank from 1910 until 1950.  Below is the bank building in Wittenberg.

Bank man XX
Wittenberg Bank

Vernon Meyr was one of the men who worked at the bank over the years.  It was Vernon’s estate that enabled the Perry County Lutheran Historical Society to build the present Lutheran Heritage Center & Museum in Altenburg.  Vernon is shown in the photo below along with Ernst Poppitz (left) and Rudy Preusser (middle).

Bank officers 1940's

In 1950, ground was broken for a new bank building.  The photo below shows the groundbreaking.  In the photo, you can see (from left to right) Vernon Meyr, Rudy Preusser, Bruno Schade, Arnold Meyr, Adolph Schmidt, Ernst Poppitz, Albert Pheiffer, and Edmund Mueller.

bank ground breaking 8 men M
New Bank Groundbreaking – 1950

Note:  The Arnold Meyr shown above is the same Arnold Meyr who was discussed a few days ago in An Infamous Day in Wittenberg.

When the bank was moved across the street from the old bank to the new bank, one of the safes was taken to the new location.  Elmer Shields’ used his wrecker to accomplish that task.

bank safe M
Moving a safe to the new bank

The new bank building of 1950 is still used today, although the bank’s name was changed from Bank of Altenburg to People’s Bank of Altenburg.

Bank new
New Bank – built in 1950

After sitting idle for many, many years, the old bank was recently remodeled.

Old Bank remodel
Old Bank getting remodeled

Last November, a new business began in this building.  It is called the Old Bank Coffee Shop, or as the locals affectionately call it……The Bankery.  It offers pastries and breakfast casseroles and is open on weekdays from 5:30-11:30 am.  Hours on the weekends are slightly different and it is closed on Mondays.  You can find out more information on their Facebook page.

Old Bank Coffee Shop
Old Bank Coffee Shop

This shop is operated by Lindy Roth (shown in the above photo).  I can attest to the fact that the food served there is outstanding.  In fact, I was in there this morning.  As you can see in the photo below, the crowd in there this morning was following proper Lutheran protocol… on the left……women on the right.  (Women are always right, don’t ya’ know?)

Old Bank Coffee Shop – interior

The big walk-in safe can still be seen inside the Old Bank Coffee Shop.

Old Bank safe
Walk-In Safe – Old bank

Inside the new bank, one can now see the safe which was moved to that bank in 1950 on display.


The old bank was always operated by men.  When you go into the People’s Bank of Altenburg these days, you will see all women working in there.

People’s Bank of Altenburg – interior

If you get to Altenburg someday, you will have to stop in the Bankery and partake of some great food and wonderful historic atmosphere.

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