Dual Landings

Once in a while, I discover that two familiar events happened on the same day.  I have to tell the story of two of those today.  One event was the landing of a boat; the other a landing of a ship.  One event took place fairly close by in St. Louis; the other took place … More Dual Landings

Lillian the Great

I know this is a great stretch, but I cannot resist a possible connection between historical people.  In the Roman Catholic Church, there is a feast celebrated in some places called the Feast of Gertrude the Great which takes place on November 16th.  Gertrude was a German nun who became notable for her spiritual writings … More Lillian the Great

The Mueller Outlaws

I just returned from taking my wife to her family reunion in Minnesota.  When her brothers and sisters get together, it has become customary for those of us who are married to them to call ourselves the outlaws in the family (as opposed to in-laws).  Well, it just so happens that there is an interesting … More The Mueller Outlaws

Where is Theodore?

You’ve heard of “Where is Waldo?”  Today we ask the question, “Where is Theodore?”  We are looking for Theodore Fischer.  One source that we have indicates the in the photo on the left above, that Theodore Fischer is the boy on the left. This is a segment of the photo we posted a few days … More Where is Theodore?