Surgeon from Wittenberg

I thought I may have run out of stories coming out of the Wagner Hotel in Altenburg, but not yet.  I ran across this story in an article which appeared in the Southeast Missourian yesterday, written by Sharon Sanders.  First, let me put a link to that story here:

A while back, we posted a story about Dr. G.B. Schulz who was conducting his medical practice out of the Wagner Hotel…….More Hotel History.  It appears that Dr. Schulz’s time spent here in Altenburg was preparation for a much loftier career in the medical profession.  In fact, there seems to be some evidence to claim that he was instrumental to the beginning of Southeast Hospital in Cape Girardeau, Missouri.  In case you did not know, Cape Girardeau has gained the reputation as being an important medical mecca for the Midwest portion of our county.  In addition to Southeast Hospital, Cape Girardeau is home to St. Francis Medical Center.

Dr. Gustav Bernhard Schulz was born in Wittenberg in 1870.  His parents were Dr. Frederick and Auguste (Zedler) Schulz.  When Gustav was very young, his family moved to Grand Tower, Illinois, just across the river, to escape a smallpox  epidemic.  By 1876, the family was living in Cape Girardeau.  Gustave attended St. Louis University Medical School.  In 1900, he was living at the Wagner Hotel.  Here are photos of his parents.

This photo of an ad for Dr. G.B. Schulz’s practice while he was in Altenburg was shown in a previous blog post.  His name is misspelled in this ad.

Dr. Schulz ad

Gustav moved to Cape Girardeau in 1903 to take over his father’s practice.  In 1916, Gustav married Alice Knight, a nurse from St. Louis.  She apparently was not only a very attractive woman, but also a very accomplished nurse.  An interesting article from a Cape Girardeau newspaper about his engagement to Alice can be found here:

Not even one year after their marriage, Alice received a letter which threatened her life.  That story is reported in the same newspaper here:

I located two different photos attributed to Dr. G.B. Schulz.  They are so different that it makes me wonder if they are indeed the same person.

This excerpt from a newspaper article gives a glimps of Dr. Schulz’s impact on his community.


I wish I had a photo of his beautiful wife.  Both Gustav and Alice are buried in the Cape County Memorial Park Cemetery in Cape Girardeau.

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