The End of the Alphabet

Alpha is the beginning letter of the Greek alphabet and Omega is the last.  Normally, we think of Alpha coming before Omega, but we Christians can actually look at the end as being a new beginning.  When we get to Omega, the alphabet just starts over, only it lasts for an eternity.  When we die, it only means a new life in heaven.

The day after Christmas was the day when Rev. J.A.F.W. Mueller died in Chester, Illinois.  Back in the 1840’s, Rev. Mueller was receiving his seminary training at the Log Cabin College in Altenburg, Missouri.  He would become the very first graduate of Concordia Seminary.  On December 26, 1900, he died.  And then he began his eternal life in heaven.

As has been mentioned in previous blog posts, Rev. Mueller was often referred to as Alphabet Mueller because of all the initials in his name.  So today marks the end of the Alphabet.  And the new beginning of the Alphabet.

J.A.F.W. Mueller
Rev. J.A.F.W. Mueller

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