Angel’s Annie Becomes Butcher’s Bride

Happy 102nd Anniversary to Wilhelm and Anna (Lottes) Frentzel.  They were married at Trinity Lutheran Church on May 2, 1915.

What can be potentially very confusing is the fact that there were two men, both born in Uniontown, Missouri, in 1890 that went by the name of William Frentzel.  I wrote about one of these a while back in the post, One of the Last Perry County Buengers.  Today, I will write about the other Wm. Frentzel.  His full name was Gottwerth Johann Wilhelm Frentzel.  He was born on July 24, 1890.  The other Wm. Frentzel was born on September 18, 1890.  Today’s Wm. Frentzel was the son of Arthur and Emma (Telle) Frentzel.

Anna Lottes was the youngest daughter of Gabriel and Maria (Ludwig) Lottes.  I have already written blog posts about five other children of Gabriel Lottes.  I have done stories on J.E. Lottes who became a Perry County clerk, Eduard Lottes, who was the dentist in Altenburg, Leo Lottes, who was a banker in Altenburg, Josephine Lottes, who married Dr. Palisch of Frohna, and Louise Lottes who married Louis Boehme, a merchant in Wittenberg.  Add to all this the fact that Anna’s older sister, Rosa, married William Frentzel’s brother, Arthur, prior to Anna’s wedding in 1915.  Here is the marriage license for William and Anna.

Frenzel Lottes marriage license

It’s not every bride who gets to have their marriage license authorized by her brother.

Gabriel Lottes ran the Angel Saloon in Altenburg for many years.  This photo of Altenburg shows the Angel Saloon as the second building on the right side of the road.


Here is an advertisement for that business.

Lottes Saloon Ad

I’m sure he named his tavern the Angel Saloon because of his name, Gabriel.  We have this photo of Gabriel holding two of his Boehme grandchildren.

Gabriel Lottes Arnold & Edna

Here is what the Angel Saloon building looked like right before it was torn down .  By then it was known as Pete’s Place.

Pette's Place with sign at the end

By 1917, the Frentzel couple was living in St. Louis.  We see this indicated on William’s World War I draft registration.


William describes himself as a butcher and is living at 3210 California Ave. in St. Louis.  We see this same address in a 1920 city directory of St. Louis.

William Frentzel 1920 city directory
1920 city directory – St. Louis, MO

In 1930, a city directory shows William as a grocer living at 2301 S. Jefferson Ave. in St. Louis.

William Frentzel 1930 city directory
1930 city directory – St. Louis, MO

William also registered for the World War II draft.  Here is that form.


This form shows that William is both working and living at the same address.  He also lists himself as his employer.  I decided to plug this address into a search engine and found some interesting information.

The last business to occupy this location was the Kakao Chocolate Company.  It moved to another location in 2016.  So for a while, this building was for sale.  Because of that, it is possible to find some photos of the building, both inside and out.  Here are a few.


I have found a little evidence that this building may have been bought and may be the home of an appliance store now.

This Frentzel family had four children, three boys and a girl.  These children may have spent much time roaming around the rooms and building shown in these photos.

William lived through a time period when small businesses operated in neighborhoods.  William probably ran a small butcher shop and later a neighborhood grocery that served people that lived close by.  I imagine most of the people who walked into his store came to know him and his family by name.

6 thoughts on “Angel’s Annie Becomes Butcher’s Bride

  1. Would like to suggest one correction. Rosa Lottes, daughter of Gabriel Lottes, married Arthur H Frentzel (my grandparents) instead of Albert.


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