Did Joe Really Marry Two Frieda Bachmanns?

Occasionally, I run across a man or woman who had two spouses who just so happened to have the same first name.  That, in itself, is a pretty unusual thing.  Today’s story takes this circumstance up another level.  Joseph Henry Lorenz had two wives during his lifetime, and both of them were named Frieda Bachmann.  When I saw some records which indicated this situation, I must admit that I had to do a double take.  One of my thoughts was that Joe may have divorced Frieda and then had a reconciliation so that he married her again.  That is not the case.  There were actually two women who at the time of their marriage to Joseph, were named Frieda Bachmann.  The story involves two families that have shown up in fairly recent posts.

Joseph Henry Lorenz was one of the Lorenz boys who played on the Farrar Reds baseball team.  That story was told in the post, Building a Baseball Team.    Here is the photo of that team.

Farrar Reds baseball team 1910

Joseph is shown as being the second baseman three people from the left.  He was the son of Emanuel and Martha (Soehl) Lorenz.  In the 1910 census, Joseph is shown as having the same occupation as his father.  He was a carpenter.  That was about the time that this baseball photo was taken.  Here is a photo of Joseph at a young age.

Joseph Lorenz

However, in 1911, a harness repair shop was built in Friedheim, Missouri, and Joseph began his business there.  Here is a photo of that building.

Lorenz store Friedheim 1911

It was on June 22, 1913, that Joseph married Frieda Bachmann at Salem Lutheran Church in Farrar.  Frieda was the daughter of Emanuel and Anna (Newberry) Bachmann.  Frieda was also the older sister of the two Bachmann girls that were married on the same day in 1929.  That story was told in A Lutheran Genealogist’s Nightmare.  Here is one of the wedding photos of Joseph and Frieda.

Lorenz Bachmann wedding

I am not aware of the names of the other people in the photo.  Here is a photo of Frieda at a fairly young age.

Frieda Lorenz

We know that Joseph branched out in his business in Friedheim.  He not only repaired harnesses, but he also specialized in repairing shoes.  Here is Joseph’s World War I draft registration.

Joseph Henry Lorenz – World War I draft registration

When the automobile came into the picture, Joseph realized how important they were going to be, so he began selling Fords in Friedheim also.  The 1930 census shows them still living in Friedheim and Joseph is running a garage.  At that time, their family included five children.

Sometime before 1940, the Lorenz family moved to Perryville, Missouri, and Joseph became the proprietor of the Lorenz Shoe Store.  Here is a photo taken inside the shoe store.

Lorenz shoe store Perryville

Joseph is on the left, and one of his sons, Roy, is on the right.  In the 1940 census, it indicated that another of Joseph’s sons, Wilbert, was working at the International Shoe Company in Perryville.

International Shoe Company Perryville

I found a picture of a house in which the Lorenz family lived in Perryville.

Joseph Lorenz home Perryville

Here is a photo of Joseph, Frieda, and Joann, one of the daughters.  There was a total of six children in this family.

Frieda Joseph Joann Lorenz

On Christmas Day of 1957, Frieda died.  Here is her death certificate.

Frieda Lorenz death certificate

Two years earlier, in 1955, Frieda’s brother, Rudolph Bachmann, died.  He had a wife whose name was Frieda.  Her maiden name had been Miesner, but as Rudolph’s wife, she had become Frieda Bachmann.

This gets us to Joseph’s second marriage. In 1959, he married his second Frieda Bachmann.  Here is a photo of Joseph’s second marriage.

Lorenz Bachmann wedding 2


Joseph died in 1971 and is buried with his first wife in Immanuel Lutheran Cemetery in Perryville.

Joseph and Frieda E. Lorenz gravestone

The second Frieda Bachmann Lorenz died in 1995.  She is buried in the same cemetery.

Joseph was an adventurous entrepreneur who was successful in many endeavors.  The Lorenz Shoe Store is still in business.  This photo collage can be found on their business’s Facebook page.

Lorenz Shoe Store ad




2 thoughts on “Did Joe Really Marry Two Frieda Bachmanns?

  1. The young man in the wedding photo is almost certainly Rudolph Bachmann, the bride’s only brother. The bridesmaid next to him might be Frieda Meisner who then became Frieda Bachmann who later married Joe Lorenz. Wow!


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