Gaebler the Grocer

One of the character traits of the German Lutherans who came to Perry County is their ability to take on new professions.  For example, many of the original immigrants came to America with other skill sets, but ended up being farmers here because that was what was needed.  However, there are other examples as well, … More Gaebler the Grocer

Gust and Tillie

One hundred twenty-nine years ago today, Sarah Mathilda Poppitz, known as Tillie, was born.  She was baptized eleven days later on Reformation Day in 1888.  Tillie’s parents were Carl Ferdinand and Ernstine (Oehlert) Poppitz.  She was the fourth child born into this family.  Unfortunately, two of those children died at very young ages.  Amazingly, one … More Gust and Tillie

Ace High

Today is the birthday of East Perry County’s most decorated World War II soldier, Captain Raymond Littge.  He was a fighter pilot who was credited with destroying 23.5 enemy planes.  He was born on October 18, 1923 in Altenburg, Missouri.  He was the son of Henry and Martha (Ahner) Littge.  Fairly recently, Raymond’s only sister, … More Ace High