Those Gemeinhardt-Fiehler Connections

December 11, 1836 was the birthday of Carl Gemeinhardt.  As near as I can tell, he was the first of the Gemeinhardts to show up in the church books of East Perry County, Missouri.  A buddy of mine from Memphis, Tennessee is Charlie Gemeinhardt, and he would call Carl his great grandfather.

There is some evidence that Carl and his wife, Ernestine (Roth) Gemeinhardt, both came to America sometime in the mid-1860’s.  The first evidence in church records in the German Family Tree comes in 1866 when their first child was baptized at Concordia Lutheran Church in Frohna.  I cannot really tell if they were married in Germany or if they were married here in America.  Ernestine Roth is not connected to any of the other Roths from Perry County that I could tell.

One reason that I decided to do this story today is that Carl and Ernestine were the parents of Martha who married Otto Kaempfe, and that story was told yesterday.  Martha died in the 1925 Tri-State Tornado.

Carl was a teamster and lived in the Frohna area.  Here is the 1870 census showing the Gemeinhardt family.

Carl Gemeinhardt 1870 census Frohna
1870 census – Frohna, MO

I have the sneaking suspicion that Carl did most of his teamster work for the flour mill located in that village.  As was shown in yesterday’s post, the Gemeinhardts lived near the mill.

Frohna village 1915 Gemeinhardt

The Gemeinhardts had six children who lived to adulthood.  Martha, who died in the tornado, was the youngest.  I will attempt to give a brief description of what happened to the others.

  • Martin Gemeinhardt (born 1868):  Martin married Dorothea Fiehler in 1892.  He worked for the flour mill in Wittenberg for quite a while.  Both the flour mill in Frohna and the one in Wittenberg were owned by Weinholds who were related to each other.
  • William Gemeinhardt (born in 1870):  He remains a mystery to me.  There is a William J. Gemeinhardt who was born in 1870 and lived in Cole County, Missouri, but his birthday is not the same, and his parents are identified as other people.
  • Maria Gemeinhardt (born in 1872):  Maria married Paul Schuessler in 1894.  Paul was a farmer in Shawnee Township in North Cape Girardeau County.  They are both buried in the Immanuel Lutheran Cemetery in New Wells.
  • Gotthilf Gemeinhardt (born in 1874):  Gotthilf married Juliane Fiehler in 1899.  Juliane was a cousin to the Dorothea Fiehler who married Martin.  Gotthilf moved his family to Cheyenne County, Nebraska and they remained there .  I have this photo of the Gotthilf Gemeinhardt family.

Gotthilf Gemeinhardt family

If you look closely at this photo, you will see that they had a daughter named Meta who also married a Fiehler, who I am sure is some sort of distant relative of her mother, because he had roots in Perry County.

  • Robert Gemeinhardt (born in 1877):  Robert married Louise Wachter in 1914.  Robert started out working at the Frohna Mill, but later went to work for the Frohna Creamery.  The creamery was owned and operated by William Mueller.  If you look at the 1870 census shown earlier, you will see William Mueller’s family listed next to the Gemeinhardts.  Also, on the Frohna map you will see the William Mueller family and the creamery located right next to the Gemeinhardt lot.  Here is a photo of the Frohna Creamery with William’s son, Stephan, standing in the middle and his wife, Emma, elevated in the background.  Frohna creamery

I suppose it is possible that the unidentified man standing to the left could be Robert Gemeinhardt.

Robert’s son, Otto Gemeinhardt, was Charlie Gemeinhardt’s father.  I have a few photos of Otto and his first wife, Loyette, which were taken when Otto and Loyette were serving their country during World War II.

The way I have it figured, Charlie and our own Gerard Fiehler need to have a chat about these Gemeinhardt/Fiehler connections.

I will probably get myself in trouble for posting this photo, but here is one of Charlie and his wife, Carol.  I think Charlie looks an awful lot like his father, Otto.

Charlie and Carol Gemeinhardt

3 thoughts on “Those Gemeinhardt-Fiehler Connections

  1. Thank you Warren for posting this blog. I can amplify some of the information Warren has mentioned. Carl sailed on the City of Cork from Liverpool, England arriving in New York City on June 12th, 1865. On the ship manifest there is also two names listed below his, Johanna age 11 and V…… (not legible) age 10. Although no last name was listed the names are indented under his which was common on ship manifests if the last name is the same. The question is who were they and where did they settle in the U.S. Not long after Carl’s arrival he added Charles to his name and documents refer to him with either or both Carl and Charles. I am pleased that I was named after my great grandfather. Ernestine Roth was born on July 19th, 1838 and was baptized on the 25th in Heibronn, Wurttemberg, Deutschland according to church records. The date she immigrated is unknown. She drowned on May 25th, 1915 crossing a swollen Apple Creek in her buggy. A few still unanswered mysteries: 1. Where did Carl immigrate from in Prussia, 2. Who are the two children who apparently traveled with him, 3. When did Ernestine leave Prussia, 4. Did they know each other in Prussia and when and where did they marry. Our family is pleased that the property that Carl and Ernestine purchased from Wilhelm and Christian Bergt(members of the Saxon Immigration of 1838-39) in the early 1870’s is still in the family. The Robert Heeszel family (Bob is my first cousin and grew up there) owns the property and remains in our family for over 150 years.

    Charlie Gemeinhardt


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