Cheyenne Schubarths

Friedrich Christian Schubarth arrived in America not long after the Gesellschaft arrived on the scene.  We see him on a passenger list in New York aboard a ship named Perry arriving on September 2, 1840.

Friedrich Christian Schubarth
Friedrich Christian Schubarth passenger list – Perry

His occupation is listed as a butcher.  Sometime before 1850, he married Johanne Rosine Schuricht.  Rosine was a daughter of the Schuricht family which was part of the Gesellschaft and had remained in St. Louis.  I could not find a marriage record for this couple.  We find these two living in Altenburg in the 1850 census.

August Schubarth 1850 census Altenburg
1850 census – Altenburg, MO

They were apparently living fairly close to the new pastor in town, Rev. Georg Schieferdecker.  For some reason, he is shown here with the name, Augustus, and once again we see him described as a butcher.  We also see his last name spelled as Schubert.

This couple would have four children….three boys and a girl.  One boy died in infancy, another never married, so there was only one who would carry on the Schubarth name to the next generation.  That son, Gustav Adolph Schubarth, was born on this day, December 12, 1857.  Here is his baptism record as found in the Trinity Lutheran Church books in Altenburg.

Gustav Adolph Schubarth baptism record Trinity

In the fall of 1857, Rev. Georg Schieferdecker was removed from being the pastor of Trinity, and they had yet to get a pastor to replace him.  The pastor who baptized this baby must have been Rev. Christoph Heinrich Loeber who was the pastor of Concordia Lutheran Church in Frohna.  The handwriting on this record matches that of Rev. Loeber (who also was the son of Trinity’s first pastor, Rev. Gotthold Loeber).

Not long after Adolph was born, his father died.  Rosine remarried in 1865 to Johann Traugott Schlimpert.  We find Adolph still living in the Schlimpert household in an 1876 Missouri census.

Adolph Schubarth 1876 MO census Altenburg
1876 Missouri Census – Altenburg, MO

You will see in several of these records that the name Schubarth has been written as Schubert.  In later records, we see the name getting back to being spelled Schubarth.

Adolph is not found in the 1880 census for Perry County.  I think he may have moved across the river to Jackson County because he became a member of Christ Lutheran Church in Jacob in 1882.  He married Agnes Fehnke in nearby Randolph County.  There is evidence that their children were baptized at either Jacob or Chester, Illinois (which is in Randolph County).  In 1898, Agnes died.  She is said to be buried in the Christ Lutheran Cemetery in Jacob, although there is no photo of the gravestone on Findagrave.

After her death, we find Adolph moving his family back to Perry County for a while.  Here is the 1900 census.  Gottfried Schubarth was Adolph’s older unmarried brother.

Adolph Schubarth 1900 census Altenburg
1900 census – Altenburg, MO

A few of his children were confirmed at Trinity in Altenburg, the last of which was in 1908.  Adolph was still in Perry County in the 1910 census and was listed as a road overseer.  However, the next time we see him, he was living in Cheyenne County, Nebraska.

Adolph Schubarth 1920 census Potter NE
1920 census – Cheyenne County, NE

He is a hired man on the George Rutz farm, along with two other young men who were from the Jacob, Illinois area, David Fritsche and Ernest Darnstaedt.  On the top of the same census page from 1920, you can find Adolph’s son, Herman Schubarth, and his family.

Herman Schubarth 1920 census Cheyenne County NE
1920 census – Cheyenne County, NE

Many people from Perry County, Missouri and Jackson County, Illinois ended up in this area around Potter, Nebraska.  Here is a map to show where in Nebraska this is located.

Potter, NE map

You can see that this part of Nebraska is really not that far from Kansas, Colorado, and Wyoming.

Adolph died in 1928 and is buried in the St. Paul’s Lutheran Cemetery in Gurley, Nebraska.  Here is his gravestone.

Gustav Adolph Schubarth gravestone Gurley NE
Gustav Adolph Schubarth gravestone – Gurley, NE

That cemetery has 11 people buried there with a Schubarth name.

Schubarths in St. Paul's Cemetery Gurley NE

Two additional Schubarths are buried in another cemetery in Cheyenne County.  The Schubarth name disappeared in Perry County, but plenty more of them reappeared in Nebraska.



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