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Yesterday’s birthday girl, Martha Pfannkuchen, was born on October 3, 1879. Today, you will read about a baby boy who was born on the very next day, October 4, 1879. And, in fact, today’s birthday boy was baptized on the same day at the same church as Martha Pfannkuchen.

Today’s birthday boy was the firstborn child to the couple, Charles and Susanna (Palisch) Lueders. I have written a post about this couple titled, Lueders/Palisch: Marriage or¬†Competition?, which described the fact that the daughter of the owner of the Palisch Store married the son of the owner of the Lueders Store, both located in Frohna. Those two store were situated right across the road from each other and could easily be described as competing stores.

That firstborn son who is today’s birthday boy was August Ernst George Lueders. As said before, he was born on October 4, 1879 and baptized at Concordia Lutheran Church in Frohna. Over the years, he is called both Ernest and Ernst. I will use Ernst. In the image displayed below, you will see both the baptism record of Martha Pfannkuchen and Ernst Lueders. They were baptized on October 5th, which was a Sunday in 1879, so it is likely there was a double baptism during the worship service on that day.

Ernst Lueders baptism record – Concordia, Frohna, MO

Ernst is found as a baby in the 1880 census. His father is called a clerk in a store. That would have been the Lueders Store. There would eventually be 10 children born into this family. Not all of them lived to adulthood, and most of them were girls.

1880 census – Brazeau Township, MO

The Charles Lueders family had a photo taken sometime before 1899, when his mother, who is in this photo, died. Since Ernst was the oldest son, he is easy to pick out in this photograph.

Charles Lueders family

I have also previously posted a photo of the house in which this Lueders family lived, which was located right next to the Lueders Store. This house still stands in Frohna.

Charles Lueders home

When the 1900 census was taken, Ernst was no longer living with his parents. We find him living in the August Flachsbart family in the Byrd Township of Cape Girardeau County. That is where the city of Jackson, Missouri is located. Ernst was a harness maker.

1900 census – Byrd Township, MO

Somehow, someway, Ernst Lueders found a wife from St. Francois County in Missouri. Her name was Christine Eleanor Schliesser, who was born on March 27, 1884. She was the daughter of George and Minnie (Ehman) Schliesser. I cannot display a baptism record for Christine, but there is a Missouri birth record for her from St. Francois County that I can show you. It does not give Christine’s first name, but all of the facts included on this form fit the ones for her. It says she was born in Iron Mountain, Missouri and her father was a carpenter.

Christine Schliesser birth record – St. Francois County, MO

Christine is not found in a census until 1900. Her family was living in the St. Francois County, and she was 16 years old.

1900 census – St. Francois County, MO

Ernst Lueders married Christine Schliesser on October 12, 1903. The marriage license for this wedding is very difficult to read, but it says this was a church wedding in St. Francois County. However, I do not know what church it was.

Lueders/Schliesser marriage license

It appears that Ernst and Christine had 3 children, all of them boys. Two of those boys were born before the 1910 census, in which we find this family living in the vicinity of where Christine was born and raised. Ernst was a saddle maker in a harness shop.

1910 census – St. Francois County, MO

A 4-generation photo was taken of men in the Lueders family. Although I do not know for sure, I am reasonably certain this photo contains Ernst along with his father, Charles, his grandfather, August, and his oldest son, Raymond. I am thinking this photo may have been taken by Paul Lueders, who would have been Ernst’s uncle.

Lueders men

Ernst Lueders had his World War I draft registration completed in 1918. This document says that Ernst and his family were living in Farmington, Missouri, which is located in St. Francois County. He was called a harness maker and auto top repairer.

Ernst Lueders – WWI draft registration

Before the 1920 census was taken, Ernst and his family moved to St. Louis. This entry is incredibly difficult to read, so I enlarged the portion that included the names. All 3 sons are included, along with Ernst’s mother-in-law, Wilhelmine (Minnie) Schliesser.

1920 census – St. Louis, MO

I also enlarged the portion of this entry that tells Ernst’s occupation. There is some reference to wood working in the left column. The right column says his job was at a shoe last factory.

1920 census – St. Louis, MO

So, I had to ask, “What is a shoe last factory?” I discovered what a shoe last was. It is a wooden form that is used to produce certain styles of shoes. Below is a photo of some shoe lasts.

Shoe lasts

Next, we find the Lueders household in the 1930 census. This is another terrible entry to read. Two sons were still living in the household.

1930 census – St. Louis, MO

Here is the section that gives the occupations. I think it says Ernst was a last maker in a shoe factory.

1930 census – St. Louis, MO

A 1932 St. Louis city directory says that says he was employed by Krentler Bros. Co.

Ernst Lueders – 1932 St. Louis city directory

I found some Krentler Brothers shoe lasts for sale online.

Krentler Bros. shoe lasts

Finally, in 1940, we run across a census entry that is easy to read. It says Ernst was a foreman of a shoe last business.

1940 census – St. Louis, MO

Ernst Lueders died in 1963 at the age of 83. His death certificate says he died at St. Luke’s Hospital in St. Louis. It also states that he was a retired department superintendent for the United Last Company.

Ernst Lueders death certificate

Christine Lueders died in 1975 at the age of 91. She and her husband were buried together in the Zion Cemetery in Bel Nor, Missouri which is in the St. Louis area.

Ernst and Christine Lueders gravestone – Zion, St. Louis, MO

There you have it. A story that goes from first…a first born son…to a last…a device used to manufacture shoes.

One thought on “First to Last

  1. Ernst Lueders would have been the brother of my maternal grandmother, Juliana Lueders Hellwege. Your articles about the Lueders family have come at a perfect time for me as I am now working on my mother’s ancestral lines: Lueders and Hellwege. My Mom was Bernice Hellwege Burroughs, the daughter of Julie Lueders Hellwege and Rudy Hellwege. The work you are doing with these articles and at the Museum are wonderful! Thank you!


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