What Looked Bad….

May 8, 2009 was a day that looked bad for Trinity Lutheran Church in Altenburg, Missouri.  What was described as an “inland hurricane” caused much destruction in around town, including blowing the church steeple onto the church roof.  Numerous tree limbs and several entire trees ended up on the ground.  The children of Concordia/Trinity Lutheran … More What Looked Bad….

Uniontown Names

Today, we will try something new.  Around here we sometimes refer to some names as being “Frohna names”, some as “Farrar names”, etc.  We ran across the confirmation which took place at Grace Lutheran Church in Uniontown, Missouri on May 6, 1883.  Many of these names are ones that we call “Uniontown names”. Arthur Höh … More Uniontown Names

1849 – A Busy Year for Pastors in St. Louis

Today’s story begins in the church records of Historic Trinity Lutheran Church in St. Louis.  On May 3, 1849, we find that there was a marriage performed.  Herman Brandes was the groom, and  Wilhelmina Giesselmann was the bride.  This brings to mind how busy the Lutheran pastors must have been in St. Louis during that … More 1849 – A Busy Year for Pastors in St. Louis

President Buenger (1893-1927)

Theodore Heinrich Carl Buenger was born on April 29, 1860 in Chicago, Illinois.  His parents, Theodore Ernst and Martha (Loeber) Buenger, were married twelve years earlier in Altenburg, with Martha’s father, Rev. Gotthold Loeber, officiating the wedding.  Theodore Ernst was a teacher and principal at Immanuel First Lutheran School in Chicago.  Young Theodore became a … More President Buenger (1893-1927)

So Close, Yet So Far

Today’s story is one that is personal for the Research Crew.  The couple shown above is connected to both the family of Warren Schmidt and the family of Gerard Fiehler.  On this day in 1868, the couple shown in the photo above was married.  George Loebs had recently become co-owner of a brewery in St. … More So Close, Yet So Far