First of Many

One of the prolific patriarchs in East Perry County history was J.G. Palisch.  Many blog  posts that have been written here have been about people who are attached to J.G. Palisch in some way.  And yes, today will be another one. January 14, 1853 was the day that J.G. Palisch became a grandfather for the … More First of Many

The Palisch Patriarch

Yesterday we wrote about the birthday of Josephine Strubinger on September 2, 1891 in Sacramento, California.  One day after Josephine’s second birthday, her great grandfather, Johann Gottlieb Palisch died back in Missouri.  The gravestone above can be found in the Immanuel Lutheran Cemetery in Altenburg, Missouri.  It shows his death date as September 3 1893. … More The Palisch Patriarch