Kaempfe-Koenig and the Farm near Frohna

Lina Koenig was born on January 15, 1887 in New Wells, Missouri.  She is today’s birthday girl.  Her parents were Edward Wilhelm and Juliana (Reuschel) Koenig.  We have these photos of Lina’s parents.

edward wilhelm and juliana reuschel koenig

Lina was baptized at Immanuel Lutheran Church in New Wells.  Below is her baptism record.

lina koenig baptism record immanuel new wells mo
Lina Koenig baptism record – Immanuel, New Wells, MO

When Lina was 19 years old, she married Theodor Kaempfe of Frohna, Missouri.  Theodor was the son of Traugott and Justine (Henneke) Kaempfe.  Here is a photo of Theodor’s parents.

traugot and justine henneke kaempfe

I have posted a photo of the Kaempfe family in previous posts, but today I will post a different one that is actually a better quality picture.

traugot kaempfe family

As the caption notes, Theodor is standing at the far right.  He is one of the youngest siblings in this family.  Several previous posts have been written about Theodor’s brothers and sisters.

Theodore and Lina were married on November 8, 1906 at Immanuel, New Wells.  This is the record in their church books.

kaempfe koenig marriage record immanuel new wells mo
Kaempfe/Koenig marriage record – Immanuel, New Wells, MO

Here is a wedding photo of Theodor and Lina.

kaempfe koenig wedding
Kaempfe/Koenig wedding

I think this photo of Theodor  was taken at the same time as the wedding.

theodore kaempfe young

Theodor and Lina had eight children, two of which died at an early age.  Not long after they were married, they were able to obtain a farm near Frohna.  We can see that property on this 1915 plat map.

t. kaempfe land map 1915
Kaempfe land map – 1915

This photo was taken later in Theodor and Lina’s life, at the occasion of their 40th wedding anniversary.

theodore and lina koenig

Lina died in 1955.  Here is her death certificate.

lina kaempfe death certificate
Lina Kaempfe death certificate

Theodore died in 1963.  Below is his death certificate.

theodore kaempfe death certificate
Theodor Kaempfe death certificate

Both Theodore and Lina are buried in the Concordia Lutheran Cemetery in Frohna.

The gift shop at our museum has a whole book about the history of the Kaempfe-Koenig family.  It is titled, “A Farm Near Frohna: The Story Behind a Missouri Century Farm”.

a farm near frohna

The cover features Theodor standing in front of a tractor that he reportedly called his “Dear John” tractor.  This book is full of photographs of people involved in this family’s story.  Many of the photos show family members doing very ordinary things on the farm.  I am tempted to fill this blog post with those photos, but then we would probably not sell many of these books.  Mary Linda Miller, the author of this book, has done a wonderful job of telling this family’s story.  My effort to tell their story just gives a little glimpse.

Two people who are very special to our museum are descendants from this family.  One is Imogene (Meyer) Unger, one of our docents.  The other is Pearline (Meyer) Degenhardt, who is one of our most frequent visitors from St. Louis.  Both of these ladies can call Theodor and Lina their grandparents.

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