Another Sire from Seelitz

Today would have been the 145th anniversary of Ehregott and Clara Poppitz from Altenburg.  The two were married on May 16, 1872 at Trinity Lutheran Church.  The ceremony was conducted by Rev. Koestering.  Here is their marriage certificate.

Poppitz Mueller marriage certificate

Rev. Koestering got most of the English correct on this form, but he used the German spelling for the month of May……Mai.

First, let me tell you about the births of these two people.  Ehregott was the son of August and Justina (Schmidt) Poppitz who lived in the Seelitz area.  He was born on February 23, 1846.  When you discuss the family of August Poppitz, you have to talk about which of his three wives you are dealing with.  Justina Schmidt was his first wife, and Ehregott was the first child to survive. Another boy was born in 1844, but he died right away.  Here is Ehregott’s baptism record from the Trinity, Altenburg books.

Ehregott Poppitz baptism record

Clara was the daughter of Gottfried and Catherine (Jungclaus) Mueller.  She was born in Uniontown on August 11, 1852.  Catherine Jungclaus was the sister of the Anna Jungclaus that was discussed in this blog a few days ago.  Here is Clara’s baptism record from the Grace, Uniontown books.

Clara Mueller baptism record

I like to compare two records like this.  Ehregott’s record was written by Rev. Gotthold Loeber, and he is not known for good handwriting skills.  Clara’s record was written by Rev. Carl Gruber.  Genealogists love Rev. Gruber’s records for a variety of reasons, one of which is the fact that his handwriting is easier to read.

After Ehregott and Clara were married, they started having children.  From 1873 until 1894, Clara gave birth to eleven children.  Ehregott is listed in several census records as being a carpenter.  It also appears that he lived in the town of Altenburg.  However, I am not aware of the location of his house.

One of Ehregott’s children was Ernst Poppitz, who was the subject of the blog titled, Poppitz Pairs.  Another interesting scenario comes from Ehregott’s children.  Herman Weber married Emma Poppitz, Ehregott and Clara’s oldest child, in 1895.  When Emma died, she left Herman with twelve children, the youngest being less than one year old.  Emma died in 1916, and Herman then married Emma’s younger sister, Susanna, in 1918.  That couple would add three more children to the family.

Here are a few photos I have found of Ehregott and Clara.

I just so happened to see three grandchildren of Herman Weber at the Old Bank Coffee Shop this morning.  Knowing that I was going to write this story today, I took the opportunity to take a photograph.


Mary, on the left in blue, Gene, in the St. Louis Cardinal shirt, and Earl in the lighter blue on the right, can all claim Herman Weber as their grandfather.  Their father, George, was the son who was less than one year old when his mother died.  Gene’s wife, Emily is sitting next to him.  Earl’s wife, Diane, is sitting next in between Mary and Emily.  Diane is the Vice President of our historical society.

Ehregott certainly qualifies for being a sire from Seelitz.  He would join several others who I describe as prolific fathers.  And lest I am found being unfair, Clara was also a prolific mother.  Herman Weber would be an even more prolific father, but I think I’ll save more of his story for another day.


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