Klein from Klein

Rev. Henry Adam Klein

February 17, 1869 was the birthday of Rev. Henry Adam Klein. He was born in Klein, Texas (now called Spring, Texas).  The town of Klein was named after Adam Klein, Rev. Klein’s father.  Rev. Klein’s connection to East Perry County is the fact that he was the pastor of St. Paul’s Lutheran Church in Wittenberg from 1907-1910.  He arrived in Wittenberg, Missouri after serving as a missionary in Brazil for about five years.  After leaving Perry County, he was a pastor in St. Joseph, MO and Collinsville, IL.  His last service to the church was as President of Concordia Seminary in Springfield, IL.

Two very special people who grew up in Altenburg/Frohna, Carla (Fiehler) and Kent Grebing, now live in Spring, Texas and attend the church there that is still often referred to as Trinity, Klein.  And on a personal note, a former student of mine, Dr. Bill Brusick, is the music director at that congregation.  And finally, another interesting note from the world of entertainment, Lyle Lovett, famed country singer, is the great-great-grandson of the founder of Klein, TX, Adam Klein. Lyle is still a member of Trinity, Klein.

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