We Are Beggars: This Is True

Martin Luther

Four hundred seventy years ago, Martin Luther died on February 18th.  His last written words were the ones in the title of this blog.

Three hundred years after Luther’s death, the Lutheran church here in Altenburg, Missouri was draped with many yards of black cloth.  On that day, which was a Wednesday, a morning service was held at 10:00 am and an afternoon service at 2:00 pm in honor of this special anniversary of Luther’s death.  In his announcements from the pulpit, Pastor Gotthold Loeber called Luther “our father who rests in God, who has fallen asleep in the Lord”.

These services took place in the 1845 church which still stands in Altenburg and is part of the Lutheran Heritage Center & Museum.  By visiting our museum, you can stand in the very place where such historical events such as this took place.  The museum is open from 10 am till 4 pm every day and admission is always free.

Loeber Luther death announcement
Rev. Loeber’s Announcement Note concerning Luther’s death

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