Another Teacher Hemmann

On several occasions, we have written about Benjamin Hemmann, who was a teacher in Wittenberg and Altenburg in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s.  Today, the subject of this post is another Teacher Hemmann.  This one did not do his teaching in Missouri.

However, this story begins with the birth of Elsie Anna Thiede on this day, October 22, in 1878.  She was born in Columbia County in Wisconsin, which is in the Wisconsin Dells area of that state.  She did not spend much time in Wisconsin, because in the 1880 census, we find her family living in Buffalo County, Nebraska.

Meanwhile, Ernst and Christiana (Bergt) Hemmann moved to Buffalo County, Nebraska in the 1880’s.  That family included a son by the name of William Hemmann, who had been born in Uniontown, Missouri.  This story was told in the post, A Family Moves to the Prairie.  In that post, I wrote, ” For some reason, a couple of their children later lived in Hutchinson, Minnesota.”  We are about to find out one of the reasons why.  Here is a map which shows where these families lived in 1900.  The Thiede family lived in the Armada Township, and the Hemmann family lived in the Grant Township where Amherst was located.

Buffalo County, Nebraska

In the 1900 census, William Hemmann is shown as living with his parents as a 21 year old.  He is also listed as being a school teacher.  I am a little biased, but I like to think that William may have attended Concordia Teachers College in Seward, Nebraska (my alma mater) to get his teacher training.

On July 31, 1902, William and Elsie were married in Amherst, Nebraska.  A Minnesota state census taken in 1905 indicates that William and Elsie were living in Hollywood Township in Carver County, Minnesota.  William was once again listed as a school teacher.  When William registered for the draft in World War I, he is documented as teaching at St. John’s Lutheran School in New Germany, Minnesota, which is located in the Hollywood Township just north of the city of New Germany.  Here is what St. John’s Lutheran Church looks like today.


In the 1940 census, when William and Elsie were both 61 years old, they are shown as living in McLeod County, just outside Hutchinson, Minnesota.  They were living with their daughter and her family.  Interestingly, William is listed as a farmer, and his son-in-law is listed as a school bus driver.

My wife’s sister lives in Lester Prairie, Minnesota, which is in McLeod County, but also very close to New Germany.  Her husband recently died, and one of the jobs he had during his life was that of a school bus driver.

William and Elsie are both buried in the Oakland Cemetery in Hutchinson.


The Oakland Cemetery has nine listings of people with the surname of Hemmann.  One of them is Otto Gustav Hemmann, William’s brother.  The 1940 census lists both of these brothers in the same township…….one page away from each other in the census.  Maybe there’s another Hemmann blog post to be found in this cemetery.

Just one more thing.  During my lifetime, I have come to know many people who had their roots in Carver County, Minnesota.  I got to know many of them when I was a student at Concordia in Seward.  The Carver and McLeod County area in Minnesota is the home of many LCMS congregations and has produced a wealth of full-time church workers for our Synod.

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