Carl and Caroline – A Friedheim Couple

This seems to happen often. I did not intend for this to happen. You are about to read the third post in a row that mentions someone who was tied to the congregation at Trinity Lutheran Church in Friedheim, Missouri. It happens more than I expect that stories seem to pop up out of our German Family Tree in bunches that are associated with a certain area. Today, not only is one person in a married couple tied to Trinity, Friedheim, but both are. And, as it turns out, the reason this story popped up out of the GFT today is that apparently it contains some false information. I really shouldn’t be writing this story on June 1st, but I invested too much time in it before I discovered the mistake. If we would have the Friedheim books indexed and included in our GFT, this likely would not have happened. And if I had been in Altenburg, I might have discovered it earlier.

Johann Carl Christian William Bangert was born on October 19, 1839 in Waldeck, Germany. He was the son of Heinrich Wilhelm and Maria Fredericke (Bigge) Bangert. I think I would like to write the story of a Bigge/Bangert marriage. I wonder if the TV show, Big Bang, was inspired by that wedding. When Carl was 15 years old, his family immigrated to America. They made the voyage across the Atlantic Ocean in the ship, Heinrich von Gagern, in 1855.

Bangert names – Heinrich von Gagern passenger list

Another name right below the Bangert family, Christiane Kiepe, was another person who ended up in the Apple Creek Township. That surname showed up in a post not long ago about the church in Arnsberg, Missouri, which was located just down the road from Friedheim. Carl Bangert shows up in the 1860 census at the age of 20.

1860 census – Apple Creek Township, MO

The household of Henry Bangert is listed right above Carl’s family. I figure Henry was Carl’s older brother. I found Henry on the passenger list of the Adonis, which arrived in America in 1854, one year before others in his family. Both Henry and his father, William, were stone masons.

H. Bangert – Adonis passenger list 1854

I am now wondering if Trinity’s present-day church, which was built in 1857, and has a unique stone construction, was built with the help of the Bangert men.

Trinity Lutheran Church – Friedheim, MO

Next, we will take a look at Carl’s future wife, Caroline Friedericke Marie Wilke. Caroline was born on October 9, 1845. Like Carl, she was born in Waldeck, Germany. Her parents were Friedrich Wilhelm and Johannette Caroline (Oehl) Wilke. I found some evidence that the Wilke family arrived in America in 1852, but I was unable to find a passenger list that included them.

There is evidence that before she was married to Carl Bangert, Caroline had married Henry Eisenberg. One child was born to that couple. I am thinking that Henry Eissenberg must have died around 1863. I found a military record that says he was discharged from the Union Army during that year, but his wife was getting re-married in 1864.

Now, let’s return to Carl. When the Civil War broke out, Carl enlisted to fight for the Union Army in Missouri. I found two records exhibiting his service.

The second document states that Carl was ordered into active service in April of 1864. I found a civil marriage record that says Carl Bangert married Caroline Wilke on June 16, 1864. Our German Family Tree states this couple was married on June 1st, not the 16th.

Bangert/Eisenberg marriage record – Cape Girardeau County, MO

I called Gerard this morning at the museum, and he found a church record for Carl and Caroline Eisenberg, and it said Caroline was a widow. However, that church record did not include an exact date for the wedding.

Family histories on sometime show this Bangert couple having 8 children. I was unable to find this family in the 1870 census. The 1880 census shows the following Bangert household. Carl (Charles) was a farmer with 7 children of his own, and one step-daughter named Mary Eisenberg.

1880 census – Apple Creek Township, MO

The 1900 census shows the Bangert’s still living in the Apple Creek Township of Perry County. Their last daughter, Clara, was born in December of 1880 and is now included in their list of children.

1900 census – Apple Creek Township, MO

Carl and Caroline were both alive in 1910, but I was unable to find them in the census taken during that year. Carl Bangert died in 1915 at the age of 75. His death certificate is displayed below.

Carl Bangert death certificate

Caroline Bangert is still found in the 1920 census. She was living with a servant by the name of Leona Cook.

1920 census – Apple Creek Township, MO

Caroline was 77 years old when she died in 1922. Her death certificate shows the same cause of death as her husband’s.

Caroline Bangert death certificate

Both Carl and Caroline are said to be buried in the Trinity Lutheran Cemetery in Friedheim, but only Carl has a gravestone photo on Findagrave.

Carl Bangert gravestone – Trinity, Friedheim, MO

Both the Bangert and Wilke surnames are what I would call “Friedheim names”. Our German Family Tree has plenty of individual records for those surnames, but hardly any of them list the names of children. Once we get the Friedheim records indexed, I am sure that Lynn Degenhardt will have to make major changes to the GFT which tie many of those names together into families.

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