Herman and Hilda

Herman Gottlieb Gustave Pfeiffer was born on November 26, 1890, making him today’s birthday boy. He would have had to blow out 131 candles on his cake if he was still alive today. Herman was the son of Herman and Louise (Klaus) Pfeiffer. I’m not exactly sure if he is a genuine Herman, Jr., but he appears to be. Herman was child number 8 out of 10 Pfeiffer children. Normally you would not find a “junior” who is child #8. Herman was baptized at Immanuel Lutheran Church in New Wells. His baptism record is displayed below.

Herman Pfeiffer baptism record – Immanuel, New Wells, MO

Herman shows up in the 1900 census at the age of 10. His famiy was living in the Shawnee Township. His father was a farmer.

1900 census – Shawnee Township, MO

Herman was still living with his parents when the 1910 census was taken. At the age of 19, he was working on his father’s farm.

1910 census – Shawnee Township, MO

Next, we need to look at Herman’s bride. Her name was Juliane Lina Hilda Bachmann, who was born on January 7, 1893. Hilda’s parents were Joseph and Emilie (Schmidt) Bachmann. She was child #6 out of 10 children. That means both Herman and Hilda were each from families of 10. She was baptized at Grace Lutheran Church in Uniontown. Her baptism record is pictured here.

Hilda Bachmann baptism record – Grace, Uniontown, MO

Hilda is found living in the Apple Creek Township in the 1900 census. She was 7 years old, and her father was a farmer.

1900 census – Apple Creek Township, MO

Although the photograph below suggests it was taken in 1897, or even 1899, as it is written on the photo, I think it was taken in the early 1900’s. The youngest daughter in front was born in 1899. Hilda is the second girl from the left.

Hilda was a teenager when the 1910 census was enumerated.

1910 census – Apple Creek Township, MO

Herman Pfeiffer married Hilda Bachmann on May 3, 1914 at Grace Lutheran Church in Uniontown. We can take a look at the church record for this event.

Pfeiffer/Bachmann marriage record – Grace, Uniontown, MO

The marriage license for this couple can also be viewed.

Pfeiffer/Bachmann marriage license

Six children are listed in our German Family Tree for this pair. One was stillborn. They were all baptized at Trinity Lutheran Church in Shawneetown. Not long after these two were married, Herman was required to have a World War I draft registration completed. It gives Herman an Oak Ridge address.

Herman Pfeiffer – WWI draft registration

We find this Pfeiffer family in the 1920 census. They were living in the Apple Creek Township. Just one child was included in their household. Herman followed in his father’s footsteps by becoming a farmer.

1920 census – Apple Creek Township, MO

Next, we find Herman and Hilda in the 1930 census. This time, there were 4 children in their family.

1930 census – Apple Creek Township, MO

In the same year as the above census, plat maps were produced for Cape Girardeau County. We find the H. Pfeiffer farm west of Shawneetown.

H. Pfeiffer land map – 1930

The last census we can view for the Pfeiffer’s is the one taken in 1940. I need to display it in two images.

1940 census – Apple Creek Township, MO

Herman had to have a World War II draft card completed in 1942. Once again, it says Herman had an Oak Ridge address.

Herman Pfeiffer – WWII draft card

Herman Pfeiffer died in 1968 at the age of 77. A kidney disease is given as a cause of death.

Herman Pfeiffer death certificate

Hilda Pfeiffer died on the last day of 1974 at the age of 81. We are not able to view her death certificate. Herman and Hilda were buried together in the Trinity Lutheran Cemetery in Shawneetown.

Herman and Hilda Pfeiffer gravestone – Trinity, Shawneetown, MO

I would classify the Pfeiffer surname as definitely a name that shows up in the New Wells/Pocahontas/Shawneetown region of northern Cape Girardeau County. I think this may be the first Pfeiffer marriage that I have found which took place in Perry County. If you’re interested in reading more Pfeiffer or Bachmann stories, place either name in the search box on this page. I’m sure you will find plenty of them to read. You will discover that the Pfeiffer stories will probably take place in Cape Girardeau County,while the Bachmann stories would have Perry County as their setting.

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