California Wunder(lich)

For years and years, I have planted a variety of bell pepper in my garden called California Wonder.  It is a wonderful plant that produces large, sweet bell peppers.  One of the favorite meals made by my wife is stuffed green peppers.  California Wonder peppers are a chief ingredient for this wonderful dish.  Today’s story … More California Wunder(lich)

Stephan’s Hill

If you are a member of a church like the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod that uses a traditional church year, then you probably know that today was Transfiguration Sunday.  The story for the day was the one where Jesus, along with Peter, James, and John, went to the top of a mountain where Moses and Elijah … More Stephan’s Hill

Enjoying a Red Seal

I confess.  When I see a reference to a brewery in someone’s family history, my research radar becomes very active.  Today is one of those days.  It starts with a baby girl being born on February 3rd in 1868 in Uniontown and ends with her husband working in a brewery across the river in Illinois.  … More Enjoying a Red Seal

New Year’s Nuptials

Christ Lutheran Church in Jacob, Illinois was the location of a wedding ceremony on New Year’s Day in 1895.  The two who were getting married were originally from Altenburg, Missouri.  One was from Immanuel Lutheran Church, and the other was from Trinity Lutheran Church.  The groom was Martin Groh, son of Carl and Sophia (Bier) … More New Year’s Nuptials

The Roller Mills of Rudy, Reinhold, and Martin

It’s another birthday for twins.  This time, we will begin our story with the birth of Rudolph and Reinhold Schirmer on December 5, 1908.  Their parents were Martin Manuel and Emma (Holt) Schirmer of Altenburg.  Martin and Emma had been married in New Wells, Missouri in 1906. Over the years, Martin was involved in several … More The Roller Mills of Rudy, Reinhold, and Martin

Old Time L.A.

Around here, there are a few people who refer to the east side of Altenburg……past the downtown area, past the church and museum……as Lower Altenburg.  It is just fun to say that you are from L.A.  I happen to live in L.A.  It is a part of town that is not as often visited because … More Old Time L.A.

Cause of Death – Pulmonary Tuberculosis

Today would have been the 115th birthday of Nora Schmidt who was born on October 9, 1901.  Unfortunately, Nora lived only a short 24 years.  Cause of death:  pulmonary tuberculosis.  For a while, this disease was called White Death. Nora was the daughter of Martin Wilhelm and Elisabeth (Roth) Schmidt.  This Schmidt family had seven … More Cause of Death – Pulmonary Tuberculosis