The Beginning of the Hemmann Herd

On March 10, 1820, Wilhelm Hemmann was born in Paitzdorf, Germany.  He was the first child born to Johann Gottfried and Marie (Bachmann) Hemmann.  He would not be the last child born to this man.  When the German immigrants sailed to the United States in the fall of 1839 as part of the Gruber group, his wife Marie had recently died and Gottfried came with as many as six children (there is some confusion in the records). This family settled in what eventually came to be called Uniontown.

Upon arrival, the 47 year old widow married Marie Rosine Hofmann.  It was the first marriage recorded in the new Lutheran church where Rev. Gruber was the pastor.  This couple had an additional twelve children, most of which lived to adulthood.  The last of these children was born when Gottfried was 72 years old.  Not long after the last child was born, Gottfried died, so his last son never knew his father.

Because Gottfried had so many children and so many of them lived to adulthood to have children of their own, the number of descendants from Gottfried is monumental.  In fact, some folks say that everybody who grew up in East Perry County has a little Hemmann blood in them.

***The tombstone shown above is on display at the Lutheran Heritage Center & Museum.

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