Hauling Rock

Trinity Lutheran Church in Altenburg is one year away from the 150th year anniversary of the dedication of their present-day church sanctuary.  It was dedicated on Reformation Sunday in 1867.  This church is used for the congregation’s worship every Sunday. If I have this figured out correctly (and I suppose I could be wrong), I … More Hauling Rock

Old Time L.A.

Around here, there are a few people who refer to the east side of Altenburg……past the downtown area, past the church and museum……as Lower Altenburg.  It is just fun to say that you are from L.A.  I happen to live in L.A.  It is a part of town that is not as often visited because … More Old Time L.A.

Seelitz Springs

I was blessed with the opportunity to listen in on a fascinating discussion at the Lutheran Heritage Center & Museum today.  We had a visit from Dr. Stan Sides and his wife, Kay.  Dr. Sides apparently has a passion for studying geology and participating in the study of caves.  He came to us with a … More Seelitz Springs

Two Baptisms?

Erwin Heinrich Bremer was born in Frohna, Missouri on October 15, 1907.  He was baptized on October 27th at Concordia Lutheran Church.  There is also a record of his confirmation at that church in 1921. Before 1930, Erwin moved to a rural area near Wisner, Nebraska.  In the 1930 census, we find him as a … More Two Baptisms?